Operations Manager Job Description

The operations manager is responsible for a multitude of operational details of a company's daily operation.  Their main function is to ensure the company's effective and efficient operation in regards to financial operations. Such duties may include but are not limited to general data entry, payroll, managing and organizing human resources, creating the organizations budget and collaborating with various departments for such.  The operations manager will add to the development and implementation of the company's unique strategy in valuable work with the management team and board of directors. 

Education, Skills, Responsibilities and Functions

  • Typically, positions as an operations manager require a bachelor's degree or above in the fields of business management and/or business finance.
  • At least 3 years of experience in business financial management with an additional background of 3 or more years experience in general finance and bookkeeping.
  • Excellent computer skills along with the effective and proficient experience with MS Word, Excel, and Access are essential in order to perform the daily duties of an operations manager.
  • Excellent communicative skills are important for a position of this nature with proficiency in both verbal and written communication.
  • Superior collaborative management styles as well as finely developed interpersonal skills are required for this position.
  • Knowledge of operations management including government contract management and experience in organizational effectiveness are important duties of the operations manager.
  • The operations managers continually demonstrate leadership and vision in managing work groups along with major projects or initiatives.
  • The operations manager helps to improve a company's operational systems, and the all-important policies in support of the mission statement and goals of the organization.
  • This position will oversee overall company financial planning, management along with the company's controls and systems.
  • The operations manager may have duties that include development of individual program budgets and management or the agency budget in coordination with the Executive Director.
  • In regards to fiscal planning, the operations manager will organize fiscal documents and present them in recurring meetings with the executive director.
  • An operations manager can expect to uphold more qualified management reporting, information flow and management methods, business processes and the company's overall planning dynamics.
  • This position will typically manage and improve the effectiveness and competence of such support services as human resources, information technology and financial operations.  The business operations manager works on implementing improvements to each of these support services as well as effectively coordinates and communicates these improvements with the company's business functions.
  • Operational excellence is a primary goal of the operations manager through long-term planning.
  • Payroll management duties may be an important part of the job and may include the compilation and details of accrued employee benefits.

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