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Ensuring a Safe Working Environment for Your Employees

Basically, ensuring the safety of the working environment for employees is the responsibility of the Human Resource or HR department of the company – as well as the upper management.

In the workplace, each individual should be aware of his or her role in the upholding of a company’s safety policy which, in the end, contributes to the success of a company's overall day-to-day operation and ability to survive in a ever-changing and more competitive world.

For each job position in a company, there is a corresponding task that needs to be performed – which is aimed towards reaching the company's goals and objectives. Now, if the employees are doing their part in basically making the company profitable, whose responsibility is it to ensure that the working environment of the employees is safe?

All about Maintaining Safety of a Working Environment

If you are in the manufacturing industry, or if you are running an industrial complex, how can you make sure that your employees are sticking to the safety codes? If there is a machine that needs to be operated, how do you see to it that the machinery will not cause injury to the operator or to another person?

How do you ensure that anyone who walks by a construction site, for example, is safe from falling debris?

These are just some of the considerations that you need to focus on when ensuring the safety of any type of working environment. Even if you are running a corporate setup, you still need to ensure the physical safety of your employees.

Let's say that the temperature within an office is too cold because the air conditioning unit is set on a too high level. This is not considered to be a safe working environment because the temperature inside the office might lead to an employee developing a cold.

This may sound like too simple an example – but it's the small details like these that contribute to the creation of a safe working environment.

Policy should be developed on the part of the employer in order to direct the employee in company policy and procedures. If an employee has a contagious health concerns which you think might affect the health of the other people within an office – then the employee needs to ensure that he or she must inform their employer as per their policy.

Why It Pays to Ensure the Safety of any Type of Working Environment

Firstly, good safety practices and a general attitude of prevention, will greatly reduce the possibility of an accident occurring in the first place – these practices are beneficial to everybody, employees, those who happen to walk in the workspace and the employers themselves.

Second, if you are dealing with health products, food products or similar services, it definitely is a must to maintain a safe working environment for the safety of the consumers.

Third, a safe and good working environment will increase the productivity of employees.

Tips for Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind about maintaining a safe working environment:

Employers need to remember that Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that they should maintain the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work.

No matter which type of workplace it is that you have, cleanliness should be given top priority. The general working environment in the workplace should be in excellent condition. There should be proper ventilation, the temperature should be controlled and there should be adequate lighting.

Next, the toilet and washing facilities should be kept clean and adequate for the number of employees that a business owner has.

The building or area where employees are working at should have proper evacuation and emergency exits.

The tools, equipments and machinery should be kept in tip top condition. This way, the employees' safety while operating the equipment will not be at risk due to a otherwise preventable maintenance condition.

The employer should provide employees with the training they need in order to operate machinery and other basic office equipment. The training will also help introduce new employees to the safety and health procedures which currently exist in the company.

Employers should encourage the employees, to always make their employer aware of any potential health and safety issues that are currently or potentially a threat and may adversely affect the health and welfare of others, as well as general job performance levels.

Employers should have regularly scheduled safety meetings where all of the employees come together and are given a chance to voice-out safety concerns and procedures. Employers should also provide training sessions on basic first aid and other preventative health issues.

Most of the time, such incidents are perfectly preventable if only both the employers and employees do their share in ensuring safety of in the working environment.

Article Custom Written/compiled for Job Service Help by Mabelle Sese of The Filipino Worker Company. Added December 15, 2008

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